Events like World Mental Health Day raise awareness of the fantastic work that professionals are doing across the globe to support those affected by mental illness. 

As a qualified and accredited crystal healer for many years, I use crystals in my practice for many conditions including those affected by mental health illness. It is important to stress that crystal healing is a complementary therapy and not a replacement for seeking advice from a medical doctor.  

My initial and mandatory consultation with my client enables me to ascertain the extent of a mental health condition. This is important as there are strict guidelines that I have to follow to ensure that I make the right choice to treat a case such as this. I always refer back to the module from my two-year crystal healing training, “When not to use crystals on a client”, of which one of the conditions listed is when a client has mental health issues or is taking heavy prescription drugs.

Don’t try this at home

Mental health like most ‘dis-eases’ comes in many forms; for example, work related stress, mild anxiety, big life changes, or loss or bereavement of a loved one. Crystals and their healing vibrational rays are able to help calm, and support these conditions if used under the direction of a qualified and accredited crystal healer as a complementary therapy together with medical intervention from the client’s doctor. Therefore a qualified and accredited crystal healer would exercise caution and also take a full client history before treating any mental health condition especially in the case of more complex issues like addiction related illnesses, Bipolar and Schizophrenia. Crystals are not to be used in a therapeutic way by a person who has been on a weekend course but by a therapist who is fully trained, insured and recognised by an accrediting body, which in my case is the Affiliation of Crystal Healing Organisations.


To demonstrate my point, I would like to share with you a conversation I had with a client, who asked me for some advice for a family member.

Her young niece has schizophrenia and had forgotten to take her medication for some time which had sparked a severe relapse and a subsequent admission into hospital under the care of medical professionals, who were still trying to get her medication right. My client also has and loves crystals and has some knowledge of the chakras. My client then told me that her niece has often put her clear quartz cluster on her forehead, also known as the third eye.

My immediate reply was, “NOOOOOOOOO!!!” followed by an explanation to my expressive response advising her that it is very dangerous for her niece to continue any quartz especially a clear quartz which is an AMPLIFIER and as such is used in radios, televisions, computers and laser eye surgery. The quartz would overload her mental condition and can cause more harm than good. I advised her to encourage her niece not to do it again”.

Crystals heal when used in the right hands

You see crystals are not just pretty, sparkly things, they are very powerful beings with their own consciousness that radiate their own healing vibration energies into ours – especially the quartz family. The amazing crystal and mineral kingdom have grown and evolved within our Mother Earth for thousands of years. They hold knowledge that scientists could only dream of, and are here to work with us and share that ancient knowledge. However crystals must be used with permission, respect and honour, just like all the abundant resources freely given to us from Mother Earth.   

My favourite crystals for healing mental health conditions

In my workshop, Ground, Protect and Connect, I teach people choose the right crystals to shield your aura from leaks and holes as well as reconnect yourself to our beautiful Mother Earth and your own natural rhythm. The daily practice of these new techniques helps improve your concentration and general well being, and keep you grounded to the healing vibration of Mother Earth and strengthen your aura.

I would like to share with you some of my favourite crystals that I use for myself and on clients to help calm the nervous system, the stresses of life and mild anxieties.

Banded Fluorite

Fluorite is one of my go to crystals to help elevate mind chatter, when you find it hard to turn your thoughts off as Fluorite literally brings order to chaos, and the fragmented parts of the mind together, especially if you are an over thinker or analyser, bringing calm and some much needed “peace of mind” this in turn promotes clarity and more ordered thoughts and thinking to flow through.  

Rose Quartz

A soft loving feminine energy that is calming, healing and balancing to the emotions. Rose quartz deflects negativity and brings a sense of harmony back to you. She supports you in allowing you to love and forgive yourself and others, and your growth in knowing that you are worthy in every way.


Green Aventurine radiates an energy of peace and calm which moves around the body dispersing any blockages. Aventurine can be used on the heart chakra to cleanse and balance the energies. This crystal can encourage people to want to reconnect with nature and Mother Earth. It can help to repair nerve damage and can also promote a sense of peace and general wellbeing.

Blue Lace Agate

Blue lace agate has calm and soothing properties and sends out a gentle pulsating energy to bring about a sense of calm and peace. It can be used to calm down highly strung people or to alleviate stress and anxiety slowing the person down to a nice relaxed state. Blue Lace Agate placed under your pillow also aids a good night’s sleep, an essential for good mental clarity.

I hope you have found this interesting and it has sparked yearning to learn more about the beautiful gifts of Mother Earth, Crystals and the mineral Kingdom. I wish you the very best on your journey and who knows our paths may even cross.

Crystal Blessings always.

Crystals are not just pretty and sparkly, they’re powerful