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Certified Angelic Reiki®Third and Fourth Degree Workshops 2019

January 2 - June 1

Are you considering becoming qualified in Angelic Reiki®?

Angelic Reiki® is an excellent method of healing, addressing all areas, physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. It can target the root causes of issues, including past lives and therefore effectively remove the symptoms. 

You may be interested in growing your knowledge of Angelic Reiki® or hope to become qualified to practice or to teach Angelic Reiki® yourself. The Angelic Reiki® training programme is taught over four levels which run as separate workshops – each delivered over two and a half days. My Angelic Reiki® workshops will bring a new paradigm in the understanding of our journey to deeper self-healing. Prices may vary as each workshop is set by the Angelic Reiki Association. 

Angelic Reiki® First and Second Degree

Angelic Reiki® Third and Fourth Degree 

Angelic Reiki® Professional Practitioner

Angelic Reiki® Master Teacher

Angelic Reiki® Third and Fourth Degree

3 and 4The purpose of the workshop is to initiate the participant into the Master energy of this system. This will happen in the most perfect way for each participant.

The name Reiki Master has been sometimes misunderstood. In Angelic Reiki we take our guidance from the Ancient Wisdom and to receive an attunement into Master energy is first and foremost a personal process. Your Soul has guided you to a place where you can receive the energetic tool in order to accept your own Mastership, accepting that this manifest reality is your creation.

These attunements are not about being good or spiritually perfect, a ready judgement that Humans can make. They are about accepting and recognising that we are each totally the creator of our lives and accepting this Mastership with the personal responsibility and self-awareness that this entails. This workshop opens the door to leaving behind all victim hood and sense of living life as a result of some external effect. The Angelic Reiki 3 & 4 workshop is a stepping stone along our personal spiritual path. It will awaken spiritual talents and everyone will use this energy in their own unique way. You must bring your Master Crystal with you and you also receive the Third and Fourth Degree Manual and Certificate.

A non-refundable deposit of £100.00 is required to secure your place and booking. 

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Certified Angelic Reiki®Third and Fourth Degree Workshops 2019


South West London


Sarah Jane