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Reviews from clients

Thank you, Sarah, for such a deep, rich experience the crystal healing was amazing, I felt it was even stronger this time as I have become more open to receiving the wonderful crystal energies from our healing sessions. I feel the healing has allowed a very powerful shift helping me to move forward from what felt like a very stagnant time in my life. I am amazed with your vast knowledge of all the crystals and their healing properties and how they can benefit our bodies; you always know the right ones to choose for me. Most importantly I feel safe, protected and nourished.  Thank you again Sarah and I look forward to my next healing session.

Heather, Interfaith Minister

An amazing experience can’t recommend it highly enough.

Jane, School Teacher

Before I saw Sarah-Jane I was a very troubled person, I was unable to sleep more than 3 hours a night, my daughter was diagnosed with some health problems and I had become very low and despondent with life in general. Having crystal healing with Sarah-Jane has been the best experience and changed my life and mindset. Through seeing her I have become a more positive person and able to deal with things that life throws at me. As I  loved the tranquillity I experienced at each of my sessions with her, I decided to take up meditation which I do at least twice a day. Sarah- Jane is a talented person who loves to enrich people lives with her knowledge and healing properties. She is amazing and has changed my life forever. I thank you so much for that.

Tina, H L T

My Crystal Healing with Sarah Jane was deeply relaxing and by far, the best holistic treatment I have ever received. Thank you Sarah Jane.

Mary, Spiritual Healer and Reflexologist 

For many months, I have been seeing Sarah-Jane for Crystal Healing and by no means set the good example of the perfect client as I often visit her when I allowed the stresses of work and personal life to disrupt my spirit.  Although I’m unintentionally giving SJ more to work with, I come away feeling relaxed every time and the next day or so the effects of her healing are more evident; I feel great and peace of mind has returned. You get more than Crystal Healing with Sarah as she is so passionate about her work that she also makes use of sound and other healing modalities that she has learned along the way. Brilliant!”

Paulette, Marketing

I have had several treatments from Sarah and have found them to be extremely powerful and healing. Sarah has a great gift for intuitive lead healing, has a wonderful insight into the needs that I had difficulty articulating, but her gentle way with the deep healing and transformational powers of the crystals gave me the energy I was lacking, the clarity I needed to make changes in my life that were great for me. I would totally recommend Sarah’s healing.”

Eva, Consultant and Trainer

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