Increase your knowledge and experience of crystals, meditation and much more in my workshops; Creative Goddess, and Ground, Protect and Reconnect. I am a Registered Angelic Reiki® MASTER teacher and practitioner.

Enrich your learning with Sarah Jane

I run a number of workshops throughout the year, which are typically delivered over one day or a weekend which are detailed below.  Over the past 11 years, I have enriched my spiritual and therapeutic learning, and become qualified in a number of practices.

Ground, Protect & Reconnect 

My one-day Crystal workshops include how to ground and protect yourself which for me is an important way to start your day and is essential for those doing any kind of spiritual work. This workshop show  MUST practice this every day, how to take care of your crystals, sensing crystals, meditation with crystals, Earth healing with crystals and much more.

Creative Goddess workshops 

As a Priestess of the Goddess, I have devised these one-day Creative Goddess workshops for women to explore and reawaken the Creative Goddess that resides in all of us.  This fun and empowering workshop uses meditation, crystals and crafts to reconnect and honor the Divine Feminine energies and bring out the Goddess within you. 

Learn more about the Creative Goddess workshop 

Certificated Angelic Reiki® training 

I am an Angelic Reiki® Master Teacher and Practitioner and run Angelic Reiki training twice a year. Angelic Reiki® is an excellent method of healing and addresses all areas physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. It can target the root causes of issues, including past lives, and therefore effectively remove the symptoms.*   

Angelic Reiki® First and Second Degree

Angelic Reiki® Third and Fourth Degree

Angelic Reiki® Professional Practitioner 

Angelic Reiki® Master Teacher

Angelic Reiki workshops 2019 dates

* A non-refundable deposit  is required to secure your place and payment in full must be made no later than one week before the workshop.