Angelic Reiki® brings a new paradigm in the understanding of our journey to deeper healing addressing physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing. It specifically targets the root causes of personal issues, including past lives, and effectively remove the symptoms. 

How does Angelic Reiki® work? 

One of the key differences between Angelic Reiki® and the other forms of Reiki® is that all the healings are done by the Angelic Kingdom of Light. My role as an Angelic Reiki® healer is to simply hold a space for the energies to flow through to you in the most perfect way, according to Divine Will. I will not place any symbols on you the Angels know exactly what is required, as they have a far greater perspective than we do and know what needs to be done in order to facilitate the most perfect healing. 

The foundations of Angelic Reiki®

Angelic Reiki® was given by the Archangel Metatron and the Ascended Master Djwhal Khul as ‘The Healing for Our Time’. It was channelled by Kevin Core between 2002 and 2003; since then, Kevin and his wife, Christine, have founded an International Organisation with Angelic Reiki® being represented in more than 23 countries. Learn more on the Angelic Reiki Association website.

What to expect from an Angelic Reiki® healing 

  • Initial private and confidential consultation: As with most alternative and complementary therapies, at your first appointment we will have an initial consultation. This is basically an opportunity for me to learn about your medical history and your lifestyle as crystals are very powerful and must be used with due care and attention.
  • Non-invasive Angelic Reiki therapy:  You’ll get comfortable on the healing couch (or a chair, if you prefer) with a blanket covering you and some soft music just in the background. All  clothing stays on apart from your shoes, watch, jewelry or belt buckles. I will place my hands on your shoulders and connect with the Divine energies of the Angelic Kingdom.  All you have to do is relax and allow the healing to take place.
  • When the healing is finished I will gently call your name to let you know.

How long does an Angelic Reiki® healing last?

All appointments are approximately one hour

How long does an Angelic Reiki® healing cost?

The healing will cost £60.00. If you would like to have the healing as part of a group you can also participate in an Angelic Reiki® Shares for £25.00 per person.

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Your initial appointment with Sarah Jane will be at The College of Psychic Studies, South Kensington, where Sarah Jane practices as a Crystal Healing consultant. Appointments at the College can only be booked during term time and on Thursday and Fridays between 10.00am – 7.00pm. If you would like an appointment that is not during the term time dates detailed on then please complete the form below to contact Sarah Jane directly.

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