The Fire Festival of Beltane is also known as the Celtic May Day. It officially begins at moon rise on Beltane Eve, 30 April and celebrates the of Union between the Goddess and the God, man and woman. It is a time of fertility and celebrating sacred sexuality. as did the Goddess and God when they went into the forest and made love through the night discovering their passion and ecstasy for one another, thus creating new life.

Beltane is also the season for beloveds to speak of their vows, and commitment to each other on a deep soul level, handfastings (Pagan marriages) were traditional at this time, to celebrate the union of the masculine and feminine creative energies. As a Priestess of the Goddess, I conduct these unique and beautiful ceremonies as a Sacred Celebrant

A couple of the rituals many will be familiar with is the circling of the Maypole, the phallic symbol. The men would cut it and bring into the village and plunge into the ground and the women would gather flowers and green branches from the fields and gardens, using them to decorate it and then, they would dance and intertwine around it for fertility. Also jumping the Beltane fire with your bequeathed for luck.

Who is Rhiannon?

  • Goddess of love, sexuality, and sovereignty whose name means Great Queen
  • The lover and sacred whore, the white mare from the sea
  • Lady of the hollow hills who rides her white mare between the middle and lower worlds
  • She helps us to heal our sexual wounds and reclaim our sexuality and celebrate it.
  • She appears to the Welsh Lord Pwyll as he sat on the Gorsedd/ Mound of Arbeth, on her white mare. He sends his finest riders to fetch her but she is always just out of reach until he follows her and asks her to stop for him and they marry.

If you would like to find out more and journey with Rhiannon, join us for a crystal meditation and ceremony out on the land of Avalon. 

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The Fire Festival of Beltane