Thank you, Sarah, for such a deep, rich experience the crystal healing was amazing, I felt it was even stronger this time as I have become more open to receiving the wonderful crystal energies from our healing sessions. I feel the healing has allowed a very powerful shift helping me to move forward from what felt like a very stagnant time in my life. I am amazed with your vast knowledge of all the crystals and their healing properties and how they can benefit our bodies; you always know the right ones to choose for me. Most importantly I feel safe, protected and nourished. Thank you again Sarah and I look forward to my next healing session.

Heather, Interfaith Minister, London

I have had several treatments from Sarah and have found them to be extremely powerful and healing. Sarah has a great gift for intuitive lead healing, has a wonderful insight into the needs that I had difficulty articulating, but her gentle way with the deep healing and transformational powers of the crystals gave me the energy I was lacking, the clarity I needed to make changes in my life that were great for me. I would totally recommend Sarah’s healing.

Eva, Consultant and Trainer, London

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Sarah Jane practices at home and at The College of Psychic Studies

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I practice at my home in TW1 and at The College of Psychic Studies, South Kensington. Feel free to email me Call 07949-492-070 or complete the form to book your appointment at my home. Appointments at the College can

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