Crystal Sonic Rejuvenation™ revitalises your face and body to bring back the natural youthful you. Enjoy an energy facial lift that uses ancient Chinese acupressure techniques and principles, sound healing and crystals to unblock and rebalance the ‘Qi’ energy along the meridians. 

How does Crystal Sonic Rejuvenation™ work?

Crystal Sonic Rejuvenation™ is a non-invasive treatment without the use of needles. Thousands of years ago the Chinese discovered that many meridians either begin or end on the face. When these channels of energy are unblocked, the energy flow is improved along with the circulation which improves muscle tone, helping to nourish, hydrate and reduce fine lines and wrinkles.Crystal Sonic Rejuvenation™ is an energy facial lift that uses ancient Chinese acupressure techniques and principles, sound healing and crystals to unblock and rebalance the ‘Qi’ energy along the meridians.

What to expect from a Crystal Sonic Rejuvenation™ treatment?

This holistic treatment works with your whole body energy so that your general sense of well-being is enhanced too. This very relaxing facial invites Qi’ into the face, together with that sparkle and glow.  Look and feel more youthful from the healing vibrations and light of the crystals and gemstones used during the treatment together with the gentle acupressure massage on the points of the face, rebalancing the ‘Qi’ energy. In addition to this, you will receive harmonious sounds and vibrations which resonate from the tip of the crystal into the cells and acupressure points of your face. This will, in turn, send healing energies into all the internal organs of the body, the fluids of the body, indeed, every cell. 

How long does a Crystal Sonic Rejuvenation™ treatment last?

A treatment lasts approximately fifty-five minutes.

How much does a Crystal Sonic Rejuvenation™ treatment cost?

A treatment costs £55.00. Six treatments are recommended with a simple maintenance plan in between each session.

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