Crystal Healing

The use of crystals can be dated back to ancient Egyptian times as they used crystals to make jewellery and cosmetics and also for protection and health purposes. Crystal healing is an ancient healing system used by the Chinese, Aztec and Mayan civilisations whom all believed in the healing powers of crystals and used crystals for healing purposes such as to cure sickness, aid vitality, fertility and give them good luck, health and wealth. The word ‘crystal’ comes from the Greek word for ice; they name it that because they believed that clear quartz was water that was so frozen it would stay in a solid form forever.

Our seven main chakras and aura

Aura final imageOur energy field consist of the seven subtle bodies called the aura, surrounding the physical body. These are connected to the seven main corresponding spinning wheels of energy that lie along the vertical spinal axis from the crown of your head to the base of the spine and are known as the chakras, which allow Kundalini, Ch’i, prana, or life force, to flow through our energy field and chakras.

Chakra final image

When a chakra is blocked, or we have attachments in our auras it is hard for us to live in a balanced state of body, mind and spirit. We become ungrounded, unable to focus, susceptible to picking up others negative energies and dis-ease (disease) will inevitably follow, causing discoloration and dense vibrations in the aura which prevents essential energy from the higher bodies to be filtered into the physical body.

Being ungrounded can eventually lead to physical, emotional, spiritual and mental illness.  However, if our energy is flowing properly, we are protected and able to reach higher states of awareness and intuition, recognise and accept the feelings of unconditional love for ourselves and fellows, become more focused therefore enabling us to raise our vibrations. When all your chakras are spinning healthy, balanced and processing energy properly we can enjoy our time on this beautiful planet the way it was intended for us with a clear spiritual energy field, zest for life and willing to embrace the life are meant to live and for-fill here on earth.

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Crystal Healing and Chakras
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